Tree Removal

With two full-time arborists Adam Lesperance and Brandon Fenwick who combined have over 21 years experience completing tree removal in Grey and Bruce. Both can climb and rig trees for removals in tight areas or if there is access our aerial lift can be used to access the tree canopy to complete the tree removal. Using our Vermeer wood chipper chipping of branches into our chipper truck and removal of all trunk wood can also be done with a full clean-up of your yard using our rakes and backpack leafblower. If you are looking to just have the trees dropped to the ground giving you the option to clean up, we can offer that service as well with a cost savings to you.   Woody’s can work safely and skillfully to remove any unwanted or dangerous trees from your property. We can during the quotation walk you through how the tree(s) on your property in Grey or Bruce county’s will be removed.